Warframe as a game is always changing and evolving. Two major examples that I have personally played through are the U22.12 weapon overhaul, and the U27.2 Warframe Revised update. Unfortunately for a content creator like myself, this means that my content is always made redundant over time. As such, please take note of the version at the time of each review's latest update.

Monday, 8 August 2022

Review: Synapse (U31.7.1)

The Synapse is an MR11 Infested Beam Rifle. With base Corrosive damage and incredible Crit, it presents itself as a strong single target weapon with potential for some great elemental combos.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Baro Ki'Teer: 29/07/2022, 12/08/22, 26/08/22

An enormous Baro visit this time around, he's also bringing back the past three fortnights worth of stock to allow Console to catch up (they had previously been around 3 visits behind PC). As of today, PC and Console Baro are now synchronised, another step on the way to Cross-play. This particular Baro inventory will remain the same until the end of August.

Since I don't want to write about the past couple of visits worth, I'll only be writing about what came around this time, all in the top section. Please refer to my previous three Baro posts for the others:

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Review: Hystrix Prime (U31.7.0)

The Hystrix Prime is an MR12 Full-Auto Secondary, one of Khora Prime's signature weapons. With forced elemental procs and great Crit, it is quite strong against all manner of single Status-vulnerable targets. However, it reloads very frequently and has little capability against large groups.

Friday, 15 July 2022

Baro Ki'Teer: 15/07/2022

Several items of good value this visit, though of course Tennocon tickets will give you access to Baro's entire stock tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Review: Twin Kohmak (U31.6.3)

The Twin Kohmak is a rather old MR10 Dual Secondary, introduced back in U16. As its name suggests, it shares many similarities with the Primary Shotgun Kohm (and its Kuva variant). A spool-up weapon, it increases in both Fire Rate and Multishot during sustained fire, but also consumes more ammo-per-shot at full speed. While the Twin Kohmak packs great Status output, that is about its only key strength and it faces strong competition in many other aspects.